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Dec-09-2019 - Hosting has been renewed
Welcome everyone! We hope you've all been having a great day.

With the private beta launch almost 6 months ago, and the public server up for nearly 4 months now, it's true time really flies when you're having fun. We have lots in store starting from the new year, but first some technical updates for those who want to know what's been going on there!

Server Renewals & Plans

We've finalized our hosting plans, and are going to stick with 6-month renewals for at least a few years. We weren't sure if this was originally going to work, but everything seems to be smooth. Here's to the beginning of a very long emulation!

Since we haven't had a newspost in a while, we also wanted to keep you all in touch with the latest bugs and fixes.

We've made over 100 updates since launch, and fixing catastrophic bugs, and crucial content. With the worst behind us, we reach a more and more confident point in the server where we can expand our network, and bring more players in. This is something everyone wants, and something we are getting ready to provide. Here's to a new year of remaking the old servers, successfully.

Early Merry Christmas, and warm regards ~

The 2006rebotted development team
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